ACI #Rispettiamoci


On the occasion of the Giro d’Italia 2021, Mosaico Studio created the logotype for the #rispettiamoci campaign for the Automobile Club d’Italia, aimed at raising awareness among motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on the importance of respecting road rules.
The logo created for the road education campaign branded the entire Giro d’Italia and was advertised through the main sports newspapers along with the claim ‘Together, on the same road’.



As part of the road safety campaign, Mosaico Studio created for ACI the 60″ TV advert broadcast on RAI channels.
The ad stages in a hyperbolic and engaging way a series of good road practices in which drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are each the protagonists of a gesture of “road kindness” that is able to affects others, leading them to be kind and understanding with their peers, thus reinforcing the #Respettiamoci concept. The ad is based on the assumption that having a correct behaviour on the road is not only good for ourselves, but can also trigger a virtuous circle of good road practices for others.


For the 2020 edition of the Giro d’Italia, Automobile Club d’Italia relaunched the #rispettiamoci campaign in an all-digital version to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers on the importance of mutual respect and correct driving behaviour. The campaign starred Olympian Massimiliano Rosolino and journalist Metis Di Meo, who in six of the twelve video clips light-heartedly illustrate the right spirit that should animate motorists and cyclists as they share the road.
The other six are video tutorials with instructors from the ACI-Sara Safe Driving Centre in Vallelunga, explaining the correct manoeuvres that should be to be carried out in case of dangerous circumstances occurring between cyclists and drivers.