Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo

The collaboration between Mosaico Studio and the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo took place in several stages, each one preparatory to the next, with the final objective of defining a new brand identity capable of enhancing each of the individual fields of action in which the organisation operates and repositioning it on the reference market.
The organisation’s publishing activities, which include the production of the prestigious Rivista del Cinematografo, the awards, festivals and training events, were therefore put into a system so that they would be perceived as part of a single visual and communicative universe unequivocally traceable to the brand.


• Analysis by means of a survey addressed to in-house audiences in order to gather information and verify the common understanding of the new goals
• Analysis of the organisation’s verbal and visual communication activities
• Definition of the value assets on which to position the entire work of the foundation
• Definition of the objectives and communication strategies relating to each individual area of the brand’s activities
• Training of the organisation’s digital team through a series of webinars on theoretical and practical communication issues


The preliminary work of analysis, positioning and strategy led to the birth of the media company Cinematografo, whose identity Mosaico Studio created from scratch.
For the newborn company Mosaico Studio therefore developed:
• Brand architecture
• Brand design
• Digital brand identity
• Naming
• Motion designThe rebranding involved all existing editorial and multimedia products, namely the Rivista del Cinematografo, the oldest film magazine in Italy founded in 1928, the respective website, the social channels, the Events, Awards, Publishing, Training and the corporate sectors of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo.