For Pedroni, Mosaico Studio developed an all-round strategy aimed at a complete rebranding of the ‘Mediterraneo’, ‘Classico’ and ‘MIX’ flavoured cigar lines. The aspects involved in the project: brand positioning, visual identity, storytelling, website and event format. The entire project revolves around the concept of ‘travel’ and has as its leading character the explorer Rodolfo Pedroni.




Storytelling: The Journey of Rodolfo Pedroni

The concept behind the website is Rodolfo Pedroni’s journey in search of taste. The website’s aim is not is not simply to inform on the product range, but to make the user feel part of a real connoisseurs’ club.

The products: pairings and infographics

In the ‘The Products’ section, each registered user will find an infographic describing each flavour of the product range and the reviews of those who have already tried them. Furthermore, the user can decide to listen to a playlist specifically dedicated to their favourite flavour.

Explore the flavours: Find your mix

Explore all of the routes travelled by explorer Rodolfo Pedroni and get to know the flavours in the range; the ‘Find Your Mix’ section helps users determine which flavour is best suited to them based on their personal taste.

User profile and gamification

Each registered user can build their own personal profile and accumulate points that will identify their ‘traveller type’. The objective of the experience is to advance through the game levels by earning the title ‘Pedroni Explorer’.


The event seen as a new way of increasing brand awareness, an experiential encounter that generates participation. Within the “Pedroni Social Club” everything becomes an interpretation of the journey and the dynamic of discovery is enhanced. In addition to the event format itself, Mosaico Studio designed and produced the below-the-line communication material.